Booking Policy


Booking Terms and Conditions


“Booking” means the period for which you have paid to stay at the Property.

“Property” means Kundalini Lodge and all its fixtures, fittings and equipment.

“Management” means the owners and managers of the Property.

“Guests” means the person(s) who stay overnight in the Property during the Booking.

*Please note that Kundalini Lodge recommends to all our guest that they make use of travel insurance, as our booking conditions outlined below are strictly enforceable*


Payment of a deposit is required when finalising your booking and you acknowledge acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge, and the owners of the property accept no responsibility from all claims or causes of action you or any guests may have (including for negligence) arising from any injury during your stay at Kundalini Lodge. Nor do Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge, and the owners of the property accept or take responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind suffered by the guests including personal injury, illness or death and/or loss or damage to any property (in so far as this does not breach the provisions of the relevant Australian Consumer Law) arising either directly or indirectly out of your stay at the property.

UNFAVOURABLE WEATHER: (Unless to such an extent that unfavourable weather makes the booking impossible to be provided) Kundalini Lodge, Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge do not accept any responsibility for any effect on your stay due to adverse weather conditions (wind, rain, storms etc). Due to the location of the cabins on site, from time to time during the year Kundalini Lodge can experience periods of rain, high winds, storms which is unfortunate conditions that our completely out of our control. We do not offer refunds in lieu of being able to experience the outdoor firepits, use of BBQ’s or bathtubs due to adverse weather or unsuitable conditions.

GOVERNMENT TRAVEL BANS:  To the extent that we remain operational, cancellations due to government travel bans (including pandemics, natural disasters etc) are not entitled to a refund and may be re-accommodated in good faith on a case by case basis at the discretion of management.

  • Check-in is required at 2pm, however if you will be arriving later than the scheduled time, we will advise you how to collect your key to enter your cabin. Please instruct us prior to your arrival if that is the case. Check out is 10am daily.
  •  If late departure is requested, we cannot guarantee acceptance and if arrangements are made dependant on availability, extra charges will apply.
  • A pin number to the key lock box will be issued to you approximately 7 days before your stay.

Kundalini Lodge is approximately a 3 ½ hour drive from Sydney’s west and a 20 minute drive from Mudgee. Follow the instructions below for your easy drive and remember to enjoy the country side.

  • Once you drive into Mudgee past Bunnings drive through Mudgee’s main street towards Gulgong on the on the Castlereagh Highway.
  • 4 km out of Mudgee, turn left onto Hill End Road at the ‘Honey Haven’.
  • Drive for approximately 10 minutes, past Burnbrae Wines and then turn left onto Windeyer Road at the Scout Hall & book exchange.
  • Drive along Windeyer Rd for approx. 5 minutes, watch out for the kangaroo’s and wildlife if traveling at dusk until you arrive at 543 ‘Kundalini Lodge’ which will be on your left.
  • Gates will be closed when you arrive. Use the chain to gain access, and please remember to shut the gate.
  • Our driveway is a recently grated road and one way either direction so please follow the signs up the hill to your accommodation. Please ensure you drive slowly and carefully at the speed limit of 20km and watch out for wildlife. During wet weather the road can be a little slippery so please exercise further caution. Our road is perfect for 4WDs, sedans, family cars but probably not so good for the weekend sport car.

A deposit of 25% of the total booking costs, must be received at the time the booking is made. Please Note – bookings are not confirmed until this deposit is received in full.

  • Payment in full must be received no later than 14 days prior to your arrival. 
  • If payment is not received within 14 days prior to your booking, you authorize us to charge the card used at the time of booking for the remaining amount on your invoice. If your payment is declined or payments are not made within the specified time frame, the booking may be cancelled without notice or liability to you. Kundalini will make attempts to contact you but reserve the right to cancel your booking without reimbursement of your deposit.
  • Any bookings paid via Direct Bank Transfer or credit card are required to be paid in full if the booking is within 14 days.

If you wish to vary or cancel your booking, please contact us immediately at or call 0466 992 407

  • Your deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
  • Any money paid is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation or variation within 14 days of your stay.
  • Changes or variations to bookings are subject to availability and the discretion of management.
  • Changes or variations of bookings within 14 days of arrival will be treated as a cancellation.
  • If you have paid more than the deposit or paid in full and cancel your booking more than 14 days before the first night you will be refunded the total paid minus 25% cancellation fee.
  • If you are eligible for a refund it will be made through your payment method at time of booking.
  • A variation of your booking which reduces the number of nights stay of that of the initial booking made will be a treated as a cancellation of the booking in respect of those nights.
  • An administration charge of $100 will be charged for any variation that is agreed to by management.
  • We have a minimum night (2-3 days) stay policy depending on the dates. No refund will be made for a variation or change to your bookings to the extent that it breaches our minimum night’s stay policy.
  • If a variation to a booking is agreed by management no further variations and or changes will be permitted beyond the initial variation or change to your booking.

Note: Bookings are not transferable to other persons.

Kundalini Lodge reserve the right to refuse and cancel a booking at any time from any person reasonably believed to:

  • Not be the person named on the booking request.
  • Not be able to pay for any charges.
  • May cause damage to the property of Kundalini Lodge or other guests.
  • May exhibit socially unacceptable behaviour.
  • Be concealing any additional people to the number of people booked.
  • Be concealing an animal or any other unauthorised animal.

Kundalini lodge does not allow pets at the Property. If it is found that animals and/or pets have entered the premises the tenancy will be terminated and you will be fined $250 against your credit card provided for online check-in, and liable for further additional cleaning and damage costs (including damage to the stock).

Kundalini Lodge does not allow the use of motor sports of any kind on the property, both due to disturbance to other guests, and due to insurance. This includes but is not limited to Motor bikes, Dirt Bikes & ATVs. Any breach of this policy will lead to immediate cancellation, eviction and full loss of money paid. If damage is cause to the property due to the use of motorsports you will be liable for any damages to the property or expenses incurred in respect to guest disturbance.


Any damage, loss or expense incurred by management as a result of your breach of these Terms & Conditions will be charged against your credit card provided for online check-in. Examples of this include but are not limited to any breakage, damage or excess cleaning requirements or extra guests beyond those declared.

The communal games room is for the use of paying guest at Kundalini Lodge. Please ensure when using equipment that you respect the equipment provided and do not intent to cause damage, break or misuse. Failure to comply with this policy will event to instant cancellation of your booking and termination. Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge also reserves the right to evict without refund and extra charges for repairs etc. You will be liable for any damages to the property or expenses incurred in respect to guest disturbance.


If the property becomes unavailable for your occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. fire, storm, damage, flood, etc) then management will inform you immediately and endeavour to obtain suitable alternative accommodation for your occupancy; in failing to do so any money having been paid will be refunded in full.


No parties or functions are allowed on the property without consent from management. Group bookings at Kundalini Lodge may be considered and an exception to group gatherings and functions.  Breach of this condition may result in immediate cancellation and termination of your booking.
Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge also reserves the right to evict without refund and extra charges for security, cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs etc.


Due to the nature of the property and to ensure that all guests can fully relax and indulge, the 1 bedroom cabins are adults only. Children are only permitted in Sunstone, and we ask that their presence in the games room is supervised and noise kept to a minimum.


We supply linen, pillows, blankets and one set of towels for your stay.

  • You must comply with all applicable Rules and all instructions from management and the caretakers of the property concerning occupancy, property, health, safety and quiet enjoyment of the property and our neighbours.
  • Kundalini Lodge is powered by off-grid solar setups, so as a result we only allow low voltage appliances. We will provide you with points for Phones, Laptops, Cameras etc to be plugged in. High voltage appliances will cause extensive damage to our system and is very expensive to rectify. These can include, but are not limited to Hair Dryers, Straighteners, Heaters, Coffee Machines, Electric Blankets etc. If you have a medical device that requires power please get in touch and we will investigate if our cabins can support it.
  • Only paying guests are allowed on the property and visitors are not permitted.
  • Please limit noise and disturbance to other guest and neighbours, as it is prohibited and may result in termination and eviction without refund and extra charges may be made for security and other expenses.
  • Cars are to be parked on the nominated parking bay and not on the grass or near the cabins.
  • Please do not move furniture and it must be left in the position they were in when you arrived.
  • Before departure, please ensure to remove all food from fridges, all rubbish put in the appropriate rubbish bins provided on site, and crockery and cutlery washed and packed away. The property must be left in a clean and tidy condition. If the BBQ has been used during your stay, please ensure it is thoroughly cleaned using the products provided and if it left in an untidy manor a $50 cleaning fee will be charged.
  • The property should be vacated on time and secured. Please ensure all windows are closed and doors are to be locked.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the property or within 5 meters of the outside of the buildings. Please respect the other guest during your stay.
  • The outdoor fire pits are not to be used from October 1 to March 31 due to high fire danger or on any fire ban days. Please note that these dates may vary with the local conditions and is at managements discretion due to the nature of Kundalini Lodge being a high wind area. The statutory Bush Fire Danger Period runs from 1 October to 31 March, however it may vary due to local conditions. If you are planning to light a fire in the open during this time, you will need a Fire Permit.
  • We recommend all guests purchase travel insurance as Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge are not responsible for any injuries, illness or accidents that may occur whilst staying at our property.
  • Each cabin is fitted with a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the event of an accident. Please notify management ASAP in this case on 0466 992 407
  • Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge reserves the right to use CCTV at the site to ensure the safety of our guest. CCTV is servicing the common areas of the site and games room.
  • No hunting, use of firearms or fishing in the dam is allowed and is strictly prohibited on the property at any time.
  • In the event of any problem or complaint, please ensure that you inform management at the earliest opportunity so management has the chance to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. You must allow access to service/repair person at the property during reasonable hours.
  • Any complaint, which cannot be resolved locally, must be notified in writing to management prior to departure from the property.
  • Failure to follow this procedure or refuse service/repair person access this may hinder the ability of management to rectify the problem or complaint and reduce or extinguish any claim you may have.
  • Kundalini Lodge, Borders on the Edge Pty Ltd T/A Kundalini Lodge accept no liability and responsibility for activities and experiences sold on behalf of 3rd party suppliers. Kundalini Lodge cannot also guarantee the availability at time of booking and may be subject to change.
  • When booking an experience through Kundalini Lodge you consent for us to supply the supplier your contact details, email and contact number provided during the booking process. Please note that we do not supply anyone your credit card information– this is stored securely in an encrypted vault by our merchant facilities